Sticky Toffee Cheese – Unusual food #2

Asda make Sticky Toffee Cheese. Jonos like Sticky Toffee Cheese. All you need to know is that it is cheddar cheese with dates, raisins, golden syrup (I think) and bits of toffee in it. It’s kind of on a similar theme to Bowland cheese (which I guess is kind of like what I imagine Mince Pie Cheese would be like – Lancashire cheese with raisins, apple and cinnamon). I know that there have been other crazy cheeses (like chocolate cheese and Christmas cake cheese and cheese with bacon bits) but if you see this one you have to try it. It tastes so nice and caramelly and I just tried it on some toast and it went a bit melty and was yum. In other cheese news… my favorite cheese is probably still the one with Mexican chilli in it. Or maybe Wensleydale with cranberries. I want to make peanut butter cheese now. Don’t know why but I think that it might work. Maybe with some chicken to make a sate-like taste? Whilst searching for more info on sticky toffee cheese I someone mentioned other unusual food and the best sounding one has to be cider ice lollies. This sounds refreshing for long hot summer days. Off for more cheese.

WEOAG Duke of Edinburgh's Award Group

The West Edinburgh Open Award Group (WEOAG) have started up again and are meeting in Gorgie Dalry Community Association Hall (over the road from Tynecastle High) on Thursday evenings at 7:15. On a related note… anyone who has seen the new McDonald’s ad should remember that it is a bad idea to go walking in the hills as a group and then decide to leave the others on the hill and slope off to McDonald’s without telling them. Firstly they may put themselves at risk by spending time and energy looking for you after the time that they should be heading off the hill and secondly because it’s just not a very nice thing to do. Also the nutritional value of McDonald’s Winter Warmer Comfort Food may not be enough to replenish energy supplies after long walks. This isn’t strictly Duke of Edinburgh related but I thought that it was a stupid advert and I don’t know many outdoorsy people that like fast food anyway!

Unusual food #1

  • Sweet orange mini peppers
  • Red palm and canola oil
  • Soy sauce
  • Mathesons spicy sausage
  • kale

Stir fry it all up. Nothing more to be said really. This is what happens when I am left alone in the kitchen with some random ingredients.