Falcon Motorcycles

I saw this picture in Esquire yesterday: Jason Lee astride his Falcon motorbike. Now I already think that Jason Lee is a bit of a legend (not just because of “My Name’s Earl” but also because of his Kevin Smith films) but this is a bike that definitely makes the man.

Falcon Motorcycles are an award winning custom motorcycle manufacturer specialising in recycling post war British motorcycles (which are the still some of the coolest bikes of all time) and the bikes that they create are works of art – check out the attention to detail in this rear light!

PS – does anyone else thing that Jason Lee looks a lot like Dave Grohl?

Aeneas Faversham Forever

What an grand weekend I’ve had; drinks in Covent Garden, the Ian Fleming exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, a visit to the Tate and Aeneaus Faversham Forever… and that was just Saturday! I was pretty excited to discover that The Penny Dreadfuls were previewing their Fringe show at the Greenwich theatre the same weekend I was going to be in London. The show lived up to expectations with a good mix of Victoriana, steampunk, intelligence, smut and slapstick (and you should book early because they made it onto the Scotsman’s list of top shows to see). Judging from the audience it appears that they now have groupies!
If you didn’t catch them the last time that they were on the gramophone have no fear… they are about to record a second series of their BBC radio show so keep an ear open for them.
Good luck for the Fringe guys – the Pleasance indeed!