Song of the day #305 – Jacob Golden

I seem to be loving a lot of music by singer/songwriters at the moment partly because I’ve been paying attention to Daytrotter a lot more of late. Jacob Golden‘s album “Revenge Songs” is fantastic. And it’s less than £5 at the moment on iTunes, which is pretty nice. The Daytrotter Session is here and is well worth a listen.

Jacob Golden – Zero Integrity

Weird Food Diary From Our Honeymoon In Budapest

We ate some weird foods in Budapest. Not really way out weird, but just a bit different. Here’s my list:

  • Sour raspberry and yoghurt flavour Knorr cuppa soup – tastes like raspberry juice but weirder. I can’t understand why you’d drink it as soup. Yuk.
  • Fruit corner with yoghurt one one side and strawberry mixed with dessicated coconut on the other – definitely a good combination.
  • Cottage cheese corner with cherry compote – tasty because it’s not as sweet as yoghurt. I can’t see why this wouldn’t catch on over here.
  • Soft white cheese in a finger stick coated in chocolate with strawberry or apricot down the middle – lovely smooth texture and really tasty.
  • Blackberry, blackcurrant, blueberry and banana Solero – I’m sure this one will be in the UK next year.
  • Tiramisu chocolate Milka roll – tasty good.
  • Cherry and grape juice – hmmm mmmm.
  • White cheese and sesame pasty thing from the equivalent of Greggs – worth trying to make at home.
  • Pear and carmel yogurt/Apple, cinnamon and cookie yogurt – not too sweet but very yummy.
  • Chocolate ball with petrol liquor centre – tasty but weirdly like petrol.
  • Wafers with butter cream and smokey coffee flavours – very sweet. Nice though.