Band Of The Week – Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer has recently split from her record label (following in the footsteps of influential bands like Radiohead, OKGo and Nine Inch Nails) and her next album, the first as a free agent, is going to be a covers album. Covers of Radiohead songs. On ukulele. That all sounds pretty random but to give you faith you need to go and listen to her first “single” – Idioteque. Enjoy.

Idioteque by Amanda Palmer

Band Of The Week – Pixelh8

Pixelh8 is one of those dudes that’s so talented I wonder when he finds the time to sleep. The tunes are of the variety “chip” and, as such, probably aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I urge you to go and listen to “You Were Born To Save The World” – it’s just such a beautifully orchestrated little tune that I can totally imagine soundtracking an epic scene in a movie. After that you’ll want to check out the video of Pixelh8 chip tune busking with his mini amp and his Nintendo DS (t’s pretty cool).