A Treasure Hunt In Leith












2013-07-20 20.20.19

For Martha and Ruth’s birthday I planned a treasure hunt around Leith. It took a while to draw the images, make the QR codes, layout the text, plan the locations, get the stickers printed, bury the treasure and stick up the stickers… but it was well worth it! Here’s how it works:

  • Scan a QR code, get a picture map (for Ruth)
  • Get a photo of the location (for Martha)
  • Go to the location
  • Find the next sticker… and repeat
  • Follow the clues until you reach our friend’s garden…
  • And dig where X marks the spot
  • Eat a Dirty Pirate Popsicle to celebrate

Worth doing – Martha and Ruth seemed to enjoy it.

30 Challenges For My 30th Year – Review

A year ago I decided to set myself 30 challenges to achieve before I reached the age of 30. That’s today – lets see how I did:

  1. Learn how to juggle – an actual juggler from a circus said that I could juggle so this one is definitely in the bag ✓
  2. Run in a 10k road race – I ran the Edinburgh 10k in 56 minutes ✓
  3. Run the 5km Deerstalker – Team “Run like you stole something” did a great job with me on this one ✓
  4. Climb Edinburgh’s 7 hills – done ✓
  5. Watch extended versions of the Lord of the Rings films – this was a slog! ✓
  6. Read The Iliad by Homer – this was even more of a slog! ✓
  7. Perform at the Fringe – I cheated on this… I performed at the top of Arthur’s Seat in the middle of August though, so that counts right? ✓
  8. Go 1 month without chocolate, sweets or cake – did it, would rather not do it again! ✓
  9. Learn greetings in 30 languages – привет! ✓
  10. Raise £500 for charity – £632.50 – this was by far my biggest success and I’m really grateful to everyone who donated ✓
  11. Write a novel – still needs some work but that’s a yes ✓
  12. Solve a Rubix cube – after a month of trying I needed a tutorial but I did it ✓
  13. Write 5 short stories – a collection of five short stories The Freaks – done ✓
  14. Submit something I’ve written to a writing competition – I did enter, I didn’t win ✓
  15. Sing at a karaoke bar Organising people for karaoke was tough… but I did something more exciting over the course of the year – Kev and I brewed our own beer! I think from a list of 30 I’m allowed 1 substitution (especially since beer brewing was on my original list) and the results are delicious so I’m calling this one done ✓
  16. Visit Edinburgh Castle – loved the view, shame it’s so buggy inaccessible! ✓
  17. Give blood 3 times – did, three more pints given ✓
  18. Improve my conversational French – I can now ask if things have dairy in them in French… ✓
  19. Create a video blog – despite no effort my YouTube channel has almost had 1000 views (although I admit that a chunk of these are from uploading our school production of Little Shop of Horrors from an old VHS)! ✓
  20. Set up my “One Item Museum” website – I love the idea of this website so much 🙂 ✓
  21. Carve something wooden – world’s most useless spoon! ✓
  22. Make some cheese – this was surprisingly tasty! ✓
  23. Design my Christmas board game idea – proud of this one
  24. Design own Christmas cards – I cheated and combined this with the board game… but it was well worth it! ✓
  25. Record 10 ukulele covers – some of them turned out ok considering I was recording them on my kitchen floor on an iPad with no external mics!  ✓
  26. Try foods from 30 countries – I wasn’t too diligent about recording this, but a box of 20+ sweets from CyberCandy along with the monthly meals from different countries has been a tasty experience ✓
  27. Host a dinner party on top of Arthur’s Seat – there were compromises due to weather but this was awesome ✓
  28. Create own flavoured vodka – Peanut Butter Cup vodka! ✓
  29. Spend a random weeknight under canvas – in a bivvy no less (it was surprisingly warm and awesome waking up to the stars during the night) ✓
  30. Walk at least 2 days (and hopefully all of) the West Highland Way – challenging but awesome at the same time – so glad David and Matt could join me ✓

To finish I just want to thank Ruth and everyone else that put up with my silly schemes all year.  Thank you. 🙂