Arrived yesterday morning after an overnight train - it took well longer than the train that we could have got during the day (and all things considered I think that we could have been here days ago at the same price if we had organised it ourselves). Now that we are here though it is really nice. Mountains look amazing, perhaps some photos will follow tomorrow (I forgot the "essential" iPod and cable and camera and cable, they are all in my room at school). Kids are amazing, Polish young folk being well brought up and interesting to teach. I am sharing a room with Ian (and the Polish translations for Ian and Jonathan are both Ian). Things are good. Weather has been rainy and although it may be thundery later we are expecting a nice few days to come. Classes are 3*45mins per day and then chatting to the kids as much as possible as they go about their routines. Yey for Dave now being in America - I hope that is fun. I now know what long-haul feels like. Anyway, must be off. Meeting our walking train back in a bit.
Polish mobile: 0048694750533