At the weekend I upgraded from the trial version of the Democracy player to the fully functioning Miro open source tv & video player. The first few chosen channels weren't anything special - like watching YouTube with more of a time delay. But then I discovered the TED conference channel. Having already played with Photosynth I watched their high quality demo and then watched the BumpTop demo (which can also be seen here). Basically this is a quirky way of dealing with files on your computer but it draws on real life desk and paper ideals and combines cool animation, graphics and a physics engine. I can't wait until I can have a go of it! I think that this would be a great feature for online file environments like Google Docs. I don't think that this will be useful all of the time (some jobs are just easier and quicker without all of the extra stuff to look at!) but I think that adds enough to the computer desktop to make it a logical option to try to include in future operating systems and I love the concept.