Krazyhorse Custom Cycles

The Zeroesque Ironhead Sportster appeared in MCN a few weeks ago (along with a Hot Rod that Krazyhorse built to pull the Zeroesque and custom trailer) - if I ever get a motorbike I want it to look like it was built around the time of WWII like this one. Since I'm dreaming I might as well add the Krugger Goodwood to my wishlist for going to track days. The RIOT wheel motorized single-wheel vehicle looks like a death trap and so will probably not be deemed safe enough to ride on the open road in the UK... but if it is I'll have one of these too! Monowheels are amazing feats of engineering (they even made one on Scrapheap Challenge but the coolest one has to be the one made by Kerry McLean Monowheels - check out the video. (If anyone wants to make me one I think that Dave Southall's site might have clear enough instructions!)

Mostly this post is just to say that I think that all of these bikes are amazing and I'd love to have a ride on any of them.