[Image credit: Null Sleep - New York Romscapes]

Well what can I say? Whilst it seems that everyone else on the planet is filling their ears with Crimbo tunes I am checking out some of the artists from this years Blip festival. Here are some of my faves:

Saskrotch - Unfinished The Hero Returns
Sabrepulse - Hey Kate
Bit Shifter - March Of The Nucleotides
The Depreciation Guild - Butterfly Kisses (a cool mix of chiptunes and a more conventional indie setup).
Firebrand Boy - The End (Firebrand Boy also does a mean cover of Postal service - Such great heights)
8GB - Lemon Prize
Markus Schrodt - Colors
And lastly but certainly not leastly...
6955 - Museum 1

Cool eh? 6955 also does the music for Fez; the most amazing looking yet-to-be-released video game. The reason it looks so awesome? It switches between a 2D pixelated world and a 3D one! Cool! Here's the trailer:

Update: You can hear more of the same at Micromusic and at 8 Bit Collective.