I wrote this post ages ago so I thought that I may as well post it so that it's done. I read some stuff on Lifehacker about some other peoples favourite computer setup so for no reason at all I thought that I could also share my list of software that I use regularly:

Firefox [Far better than IE although it does sometimes die]

  • Adblock Plus [Fairly good at dealing with rubbish on peoples sites]
  • British English Dictionary [Gives you a red underline on "color" ... woo!]
  • ColorZilla [Hover over a page to see what colours it's made of]
  • Copy Plain Text [The Ronseal of Firefox extensions]
  • Firebug [CSS & HTML inspector]
  • Google Toolbar
  • Greasemonkey [Lets you do all of these exiting things]
    • Numbered Google Results [This is so useful when doing reports!]
    • Linkify Ting [Turns plain text with a .com etc into a link]
    • Inline Google MP3 player [Puts a Flah mp3 player where previously there was only a link]
  • IE View [Open links in IE]
  • Link Alert [Brings up an icon to tell you what type of link you are hovering over]
  • Linky [Lets you open multiple links]
  • MeasureIt [Better than holding up a ruler to the screen]
  • Minimize to tray[Takes Firefox out of the toolbar]
  • oy-oy search engine tools [For work]
  • Pearl Crescent Page Saver Basic [Better screenshots]
  • SearchStatus [Google and Alexa ranks]
  • StumbleUpon [For breaktime distractions]
  • Tab Counter [Not actually useful at all!]
  • Tails [Shows embedded objects]
  • Web Developer [Oh so many handy tools for the discerning web developer]
  • Bookmarklets
    • List all links [Great for exporting links to Excel]
    • Zap colours [Turns any page into black text on white background]
    • Word Frequency [For work - good for SEO]
    • Form TextResizer [Great for when you have a 500 character limit box]
    • Gmal This [Send this page with Gmail]
    • Gmail Compose [A Gmail popup]
    • WordPress it! [Straight to WordPress - genius!]
  • Tiny menu [After loading so many add ons this gives me back some screen space]

Adobe reader
AVG Antivirus
Easy CD Creator 5 Basic
Gmail Drive Shell Extension [Add Gmail as a drive on your computer right next to C:/]
Google Screensaver
Google Sketch up
Google Earth
Last FM
Microsoft FREE Zune Theme for XPScripts
Mouse wrap 2
Second life
Spybot search and destroy
The Gimp