Lego Habitat
Having been a big Lego fan from forever I'm always just a little bit excited when I see a Lego creation that does something a bit crazy or unusual - even though I know that there are millions of sets and pieces out there. I also quite like things that are minimalistic so when I found this rather basic moon habitat base thing by Jon Palmer I was quite excited. It's sort of like a classier version of this moon base thingy; part of his inspiration came from these amazing Lego towers/hills. It also looks strangely like the beautiful photograph "Siviez" by Michel Bonvin. Jon's blog is rather cool and one of it's best features is the "Lego Bento" category which is a "is a single serve portion of some of the best LEGO creations on Flickr and Brickshelf" which really is rather sweet. Of course every cool idea comes with a cool logo and Lego Bento is no different:

Anyone looking for mighty cool looking futuristic transportation options should check out Izmojuki - especially the CT44 and the MVR5. The are drawings rather than Lego but I think that the time needs to be spent making these dreams a reality!