Well last night's gig was totally fab. I enjoyed Withered Hand (although it would have been nice if the folks in the band had looked like they were enjoying themselves - smiles are free you know!) The track "Religious Songs" sounded like something by Beirut - albeit with a Scottish accent. I think that it might be the poetic lyrics mixed with an waltzy-accordion that does it. The lyrics are pretty dark too, which is nice. The backing vocals and banjo on "Cornflake" really make the song.

Frightened Rabbit were something else - I had expected them to be good but I didn't expect so many of the audience to know all of the words to the songs. People were singing out loud to songs only released last week which felt really special. The band were all really energetic and they all were giving absolutely 100%. The drummer deserves a special mention for services to drumming - he was really loving it! Every one of my favourite tunes got a play - including their muchly amusing N-Trance cover. It was one of those gigs where the band started with an encore level amazing tune ("Modern Leper") and kept up the energy all the way through to the end. The gig ended with "The Greys" running straight into "Square 9" (with a cheeky - and much requested - drum solo to close) which sounded very very slick. Altogether I have to say that this was a really great gig. Looking forward to seeing them again sometime!