Well... I saw the 22nd Bond film, Quantum of Solace, last night and I was really impressed. Really really impressed. With Daniel Craig staying around for at least another two movies I think he's looking to be a very successful choice (even though I still think that he's a bit wooden). The whole feeling of the film was more punchy than previous films (and is, in fact, the shortest Bond film to date). Since films never quite please everyone I though I'd say what I'd like to see in the next one:

Bond 23 Wish List

  • More of Judi Dench - it was good to see her get a bit more of a starring role.
  • Bond at home in London/the UK - Fleming mentions so many things about Bond's flat, his London haunts and what Bond does with his free time. Surely these things are still relevant to Daniel Craig's Bond.
  • More freerunning - freerunning rocks!
  • Active service - Bond's "Commander" status hasn't been used lately... let's get him back out on a boat or sub.
  • Less CGI - the fight in the tower (on top of the scaffolding) really stuck out as being in-your-face CGI'd. Less of that please!
  • Give a little bit more back story - cutting the script to the essentials is good but it shouldn't be taken too far.
  • A little more humour - I didn't even notice the fact that Agent Fields' first name was Strawberry! Did Bond even comment on it? Connery would have had something to say about that!
  • More of Feilix Leiter
  • More "Bond, James Bond." - the line was cut from Q of S.
  • Training - what does Bond do when he isn't out in the field? Quite a few of the other films have featured snippets of this kind of stuff; playing with new weapons, working with the Navy and training routines. Fleming talks at great length about Bond's routines when he wakes up in hotels and returns from fights.
  • More exciting free-time sports - cards, skiing and golf are all Bond staples but a modern Bond would surely be into something a bit more sporty and a bit less staid; rock climbing, mountain biking or canoeing for example. Sure, loads of extreme sports appear in the films but there must be more to what the man does with his own time than the more recent films have revealed.
  • More homages - Agent Fields' death was such a fantastic touch
  • More of the gritty, serious and real feel which some of the reviewers seemed to dislike - critics are wrong!
  • A little more flirtation - the Agent Fields scene could have done with a little more something. Whilst it's almost plausible with the old films to believe that ladies look at James Bond and want to sleep with him the new films don't have that feel and there was no chemistry at all between Fields and Bond.
  • Technology/Gadgets - the step back from the ridiculous futuristic "gadgets" to cutting edge technology is a very good idea. Although some of the creations from old films came true some of the more recent attempts (I'm thinking the invisible car here) were just dumb.
  • Some new locations - it's clear from the map that there are still plenty of countries for Bond to head to!

I'm sure that there are tons of things that could be added to the list but that's it for starters.
So... overall Quantum of Solace is a great film (that I'm sure I'll see at least 10 times)! All Bond fans should check it out and I can't wait for Bond 23.