It's been a while since I posted - mostly due to baby Martha! - but seeing as it has been a while it seems appropriate to have use my first post back for reflection. I remember seeing the "Things I've Done"/"Jobs I've Had" hashtags trend on Twitter a while ago and it got me thinking... what things have I done that I'm proud of?

  1. Marrying Ruth :D
  2. Having a beautiful baby daughter :D
  3. Being a voluntary leader for Borders Exploration Group and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award
  4. Writing my first novel for National Novel Writing Month in 2009! It's not great but it was a laugh writing it - you can download my first real attempt at writing here for free as a PDF or for £3.73 86p from Amazon for your Kindle.
  5. Recording an EP with our ceilidh Band which has already been downloaded over 400 times
  6. Managing Bedlam Theatre during Edinburgh's Fringe Festival in 2003

I've done lots of other things that I'm proud and these were just the first 5 6 that came to mind but what are your top 5 (or 6!) things?