So I've decided to set myself 30 challenges to do before my 30th birthday (51 weeks from now). A few are fairly easily attainable  but a few are going to stretch me a bit! Here's the list:

  1. Learn how to juggle
  2. Run in a 10k road race
  3. Run the 5km Deerstalker
  4. Climb Edinburgh’s 7 hills
  5. Watch extended versions of the Lord of the Rings films
  6. Read The Iliad by Homer
  7. Perform at the Fringe
  8. Go 1 month without chocolate, sweets or cake
  9. Learn greetings in 30 languages
  10. Raise £500 for charity
  11. Write a novel
  12. Solve a Rubix cube
  13. Write 5 short stories
  14. Submit something I've written to a writing competition
  15. Sing at a karaoke bar
  16. Visit Edinburgh Castle
  17. Give blood 3 times
  18. Improve my conversational French
  19. Create a video blog
  20. Set up my "One Item Museum" website
  21. Carve something wooden
  22. Make some cheese
  23. Design my Christmas board game idea
  24. Design own Christmas cards
  25. Record 10 ukulele covers
  26. Try foods from 30 countries
  27. Host a dinner party on top of Arthur’s Seat
  28. Create own flavoured vodka
  29. Spend a random weeknight under canvas
  30. Walk at least 2 days (and hopefully all of) the West Highland Way

Wish me luck!