When Google announced that they were shutting down Reader it was a bit of a surprise as it seemed to me that a lot of people that I know relied on it. It was easily my most visited site - it was where all of my most visited sites lived! Anyway, instead of dwelling on Google I set out looking for an alternative. I liked the idea of a DIGG product, but didn't want to wait. I think Feedly would do the trick for me, but I wanted something that I could be the boss of. Lifehacker suggested Tiny Tiny RSS and it looked like the one for me. The installation was easy enough - the steps are all here. The Android App works like a dream, even better than the way Google Reader works on Android. :) The iPad version was a little bit of hassle to find but once the digest for slate plugin was activated things were sorted. I've set it all up on a subdomain and I'm pretty happy. At the moment it only pings all of the feeds to check for new articles when I'm in a full browser (not on Android or iPad) but that's the next thing to work on.

I guess that I should end this post by asking "What's next on Google's kill list?" - especially since some of the most loyal users were punished it seems that no service is safe:

  • Latitude
  • Alerts
  • News
  • Blogger
  • Voice
  • Keep
  • TV
  • Groups
  • Offers
  • Talk
  • Drive

What do you think?