Written for the Occupancy Marketing blog

What can a 5 star hotel learn from a service station? The answer is “a lot”. We are always on the lookout for good uses of social media, great websites and integrated marketing strategies, where everything is professionally executed.

Tebay Services (a motorway service area) caught our eye as they are not one of our clients, but they have a lot to teach some luxury hotels – here are some examples of what they are getting right:

    1. Nailing the essentials – free wi-fi, great coffee and a good mix of home-grown healthy food and decadent indulgences
    2. A colorful, fairly easy to use website
    3. Easy to find location information
    4. Photos – lots of really great photos
    5. Information about provision for children and pets
    6. Consistent branding across social sites (especially Twitter)
    7. They began putting up mentions of Christmas on their site/social networks mid-September
    8. A great graphic designer on-tap
    9. Excellent use of micro-content to promote brand-values “Three free cash points (there are only 6 free in total on the entire UK motorway network!)”
    10. Community involvement
    11. Ducks