I was inspired to try to rebrew my Lorem IPAsum IPA with a hint of the orange and some spice that has worked well for "Better than a pair of socks" and Kev&Jono's ESB and lagers.


  • Boil hops were same as last time but no secondary hops
  • 1,100g Pale
  • 100g Golden Promise
  • 100g Lager
  • Small piece of ginger (50g max) grated (full boil)
  • 60 min mash, 60 min boil, no chilling (instead it went into demi overnight to cool)
  • Mangrove Jack West Coast yeast
  • Roasted orange peel in secondary for 7 days
  • 3.48 litres with 20g demerara sugar for bottling
  • OG: 1.044 down to FG: 1.012 making it around 4.7%

Brewclub Tasting Notes:

  • Called it an IPA, really liked the orange ness. Not getting much in the way of spice.
  • Love it, spice works well. A unique take on a Christmas beer.
  • Lots of Orange, hint of ginger, maybe needs more ginger.
  • 1st impression is ginger, then something sweet, maybe dates.
  • Lovely bitter orange develops. Wish there was more left

Overall I'm annoyed that I didn't put hops into secondary as originally planned but I'm really happy with the end result. I hope that people enjoy their Christmas presents (along with Kev&Jono's Imperial Stout AND my treacle chilli stout!).