Like a lot of people, I sometimes ponder new ideas for apps and websites. I wanted to play around with Axure so I thought I'd have a quick go at mocking up my app idea. I've discovered 2 things - Axure's power is limited by a frustrating lack of a few basics, and just playing around with really basic text/images took me down an ugly 90's path! For that I'm sorry! With a little longer, I could make it less awful but I think I've done enough to show the thing. So...

Sometimes you want to search outside your world, you want to search in another country's search engine, in their native language, but without knowing that language. Google's great but when you reach the end of sites with translated content you need to hit the manual route: start on translating terms yourself, searching, translating back, and repeat. Google deprecated their search API to stop the creation of apps which are too close to Google's own features but I still think this app is achievable using Google Translate's API and a bit of web scraping. I'm not building it, just thinking out my idea. You say your search term and pick which country and language you're searching and the results are returned in both the native language and your own. What do you think?

Mockup - Search outside your world

Mockup icon image credits - all images are from the Noun Project: