There's been so much going on lately that I haven't had much time to blog; I have created five cool makes that are worth sharing though:

This project was EPIC. It started as a "I've still got InDesign for a few more days after creating this cookbook - I shall make the 'Famous Marthas' thing that I talked about!" and turned in to a three-monther. Still, there are many awesome and inspiring Marthas out there to inspire my Martha (not that she needs much inspiration to be awesome - she's so busy kicking all kinds of ass!)
These guys were yum. Recipe here and BBQ chashu filling recipe here - I made mine using bacon (I pickled some cucumber to go with)
Kev and I are trying to brew more often - this one is a quick IPA flavoured with Nelson Sauvin hops, the last one was a Scotch Ale with rum, raisins and some oak - I haven't tasted either yet but the pre-bottling sample was decent!
I've been doing so well at Geoffrey (our sourdough starter) alive and they have rewarded us with the nicest loaf to date!
So it turns out that chorizo is waaaaay more fiddly than I expected but tastes even better when you've made it yourself