Bands will always have great performances but there's a special place in my heart for perfect live performances of amazing tunes which were captured on film. Here are a few songs with multiple versions, each one of which is totally killer, which have been stuck on repeat for me recently.

San Fermin - Sonsick

Rae Cassidy only had a brief period as vocalist for San Fermin but she absolutely owns this track, be it behind a tiny desk concert, in the studio or even walking about! This is is my personal fave - the brass production is on point and the vocals are sublime:

MEUTE - You & Me

Not many bands perform remixes... but then not many marching bands are "techno" marching bands.

Frightened Rabbit - Poke

Painful as it is I've had the Belle Angele and Queens Hall FR gigs in my head a lot lately - both were awe-inspiring but sadly one that seemingly wasn't captured at all and one that was captured terribly! Home crowds, sweaty and insanely loud. Sure there are better recordings... but...

Bon Iver - Heavenly Father

And then there's Bon Iver. Justin Vernon, The Staves and Sydney Opera House. So much love for this. There's no denying that this is a song with multiple amazing versions, including a one-to-one that's full of passion and nervous energy, but this one is my favourite:

Tim Minchin - Hallelujah

Karaoke in the Fringe in Teviot was a laugh on the few times I did it and there were often some amazing singers - like this little session:

Hugh Jackman - From Now On

The Greatest Showman soundtrack was played so often in our house that it seeped in to my subconscious - we even had a memorable car journey up from Norfolk where we sang the whole thing through twice to keep the back-seat passenger entertained. Although I knew Hugh Jackman could sing, and although the setting of this video is super cheesy, he shows why he was picked for the part and the surprise of him starting to sing clearly gives the whole room shivers.

There are of course others... and so I'll inevitably return to this to add a few more.

Bonus one that I failed to capture

Hope & Social

We had the immense pleasure of being inside the tent at Underneath The Stars when one of the biggest thunder storm downpours I've ever seen hit. Hope & Social had their set royally screwed over with stop-starts but they were finally allowed to return to the stage to conclude their set once the lightning passed and the possiblility of us all being frazzled had faded. I missed recording it as my phone didn't work, but thanks to the power of the internet a short clip exists: