Glow: a lamp that glows in the dark

Meet Glow! They like LCD Soundystem, gin martinis, books by Italo Calvino, Egyptian cotton sheets, brickie tea from greasy caffs, and hanging out in dark places. They love the three Rs. (The ones that actually begin with R - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.) That's because this little comrade is made from an offcut of plywood, our old oudoor light housing and bulb from above our kitchen door, some luminescent paint, powder a light pull, and a cable and plug from my papa's shed. The glow-in-the-dark pain is painted inside the glass dome. To turn the light on you just pull the cable. About 10 seconds of power is enough to charge the paint up and make them GLOW. It's already degrading slightly, which is annoying BUT it was a joy to spend time working on it and that happy little face (that I managed to paint without messing up) makes me smile. And fun to experiment with a hidden switch mechanism. The motivation to get the garage cleared out and tidy was that I'd be able to do little projects. This is the first of them. There's another carved spoon coming soon. Maybe another light or two that I've already sketched, we'll see. So nice to do this kind of physical thing. Imperfect but complete.

Glow: a lamp with a happy face in the daylight Hidden light switch - just pull the cable