The West Edinburgh Open Award Group (WEOAG) have started up again and are meeting in Gorgie Dalry Community Association Hall (over the road from Tynecastle High) on Thursday evenings at 7:15. On a related note... anyone who has seen the new McDonald's ad should remember that it is a bad idea to go walking in the hills as a group and then decide to leave the others on the hill and slope off to McDonald's without telling them. Firstly they may put themselves at risk by spending time and energy looking for you after the time that they should be heading off the hill and secondly because it's just not a very nice thing to do. Also the nutritional value of McDonald's Winter Warmer Comfort Food may not be enough to replenish energy supplies after long walks. This isn't strictly Duke of Edinburgh related but I thought that it was a stupid advert and I don't know many outdoorsy people that like fast food anyway!