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Despite working for an SEO company, editing websites every day and doing the occasional bit of image manipulation to resize client images I am not able to draw or design graphics. At all. I must be missing that part of my brain. My wife thinks my occasional doodles are funny but I'm definitely no artist... I once made a clay owl whilst helping at a primary school and when I brought it home my wife thought that one of the 5 year olds had made it! So... I thought that 29 days of doing a little drawing on paper (when I can't get to a computer) or graphic design using Gimp (when I can) would at least teach me some new skills and, with luck, my actual drawing abilities might improve. Today I learned about the straight line tool, gradient (although it hardly even looks like it's there) and drawing over other layers. Time spent: 1 hour (seriously!) There is a long way to go!