Well... I watched Skyfall last night. I'm not going to put any spoilers here but I will say that it's a very different film from any that has come before it. It's a really good film and even if a few things didn't feel right it was seriously good. 4 years ago almost to the day I wrote some plot suggestions for Bond 23 here - so how many came together? Quite a few!

  • Judi Dench in a starring role – check
  • Bond at home in London/the UK – check
  • More freerunning – a tiny bit... still: check
  • Active service in the Navy– nope
  • Less CGI – hmmm - mostly
  • Give a little bit more back story – check
  • A little more humour – a bit
  • More of Feilix Leiter - nope
  • More “Bond, James Bond.” – no comment
  • Training – some - not quite what I had in mind but still, a bit
  • More exciting free-time sports – nope
  • More homages – oh yeah
  • More of the gritty, serious and real feel which some of the reviewers seemed to dislike – oh yeah!
  • A little more flirtation – check
  • Technology/Gadgets – check
  • Some new locations – check

Overall? This film really does deliver something different!