Some things are easy to clear out but I felt that I couldn't just bin the handful of old VHS video tapes that I've had in my old bedroom cupboard in my parents house forever... but I it took me a while to actually get round to doing anything with them! A few weeks ago some friends kindly lent me their old video recorder from their attic and all the pieces fell into place. The process was remarkably easy:

  1. Record video from VHS via SCART into HDD recorder
  2. Dub HDD recording onto DVD-R
  3. Copy video file from DVD onto computer and rename as .MPEG
  4. Upload to YouTube!

And the results? Here are two videos that are well worth showing off - a recording from my old band and a recording of a school musical. The process was remarkably simple and although the quality of the original recordings was (at best) poor (especially given that Little Shop Of Horrors was recorded over an episode of Sharpe!) I think the end result is not too bad. It certainly made me smile to reminisce over old times.

The Hawick High School performance of Little Shop Of Horrors from June 1997. Sorry for the vintage VHS quality.

Taper - We Don't Do Garage
Filmed by Stuart Tait (Heaven Help Us Productions) in February 2001 on location in Jono's parent's garage.

  1. Ode To Dream
  2. What Now 
  3. Hold On
  4. Lies
  5. Think
  6. Kung Fu (Ash cover)
  7. Strangeways
  8. Hey Joe (Jimi Hendrix cover)
  9. Buffy Theme (Nerf Herder cover)
  10. Here's To Your Dream

Taper are:

  • Craig Neilson - guitar
  • Alastair Smith - guitar
  • Jonny Combe - drums
  • Jono Ellis - bass