My One Item Museum project website is live [Note from May 2017: this content is now on this blog here] and I'm really happy as it has started gaining really awesome submissions. The purpose of the site is to get people to share what the one item in their house is that they feel deserves to be in a gallery or museum. The submissions have already included several items of original art, a World War 1 soldier's kit trunk, a vintage motorbike and some dress designs from a fashion designer in the 1940s - so cool! :)

What do you have in your house that's museum/gallery-worthy? Submit it now!

The website itself is far less complicated than was originally planned - I started out thinking about building a site that people could submit images to from scratch before quickly realising that piggybacking the site on Tumblr would save me a lot of headaches. Then there came the design - again this is far simpler than I started out with for one reason - getting it done. I think in the future I'd like to have only one item per page with a controller to move on to the next thing - the background for this would look like a museum with each item in a separate frame. Still - it's all very exciting in the stripped down format. :)