Swearing is fine - I'm no prude! - but sometimes you want to share a YouTube video with your kid but half way through someone gets a giant balloon of paint in the face and lets out an expletive making it not quite so appropriate for young person ears.

That's where this tool kicks in!

Paste the URL and the site goes off and fetches the YouTube video into a frame on the page. You then enter any timestamps to cut the audio for and a URL is generated for you to share. When someone clicks the URL they simply get the original video with the audio removed (without any YouTube chrome, comments, etc). No copyright is infringed - the video and audio are unedited - the JavaScript on the page just fades out the audio at those times. I've had a quick look and I don't think this tool exists already but there's plenty of code to draw from in terms of fading out a YoutTube video's audio.