Here's a user manual of me - based off the many versions that are out there but especially the one shared by Cassie Robinson. I've got no expectations from this, I just thought that it was a nice exercise to do.

Conditions I like to work in

  • I like a quiet environment and prefer interruptions to come in a batch. Open plan offices make concentration hard!
  • I've pretty much always got headphones to tune out the background noise.
  • I like having my own desk space, mostly so that I can connect laptops to bigger screens.
  • Fresh air is always appreciated.
  • Perfume, flowers (especially lilies) and other strong smells make for migraines!
  • Desks with enough leg room underneath are essential.

The times/Hours I like to work

  • Family is really important to me so to fit in childcare I'm mostly a 9-5 in the office kind of guy but I'll take something home if needed.
  • I'm generally a morning person.
  • I write best when the house is silent and everyone else is asleep - midnight to 2am, or 5am to 7am are great but I don't do this especially often.
  • I don’t mind being contacted about work at any time but I will likely only respond to non-emergencies during week daytimes.
  • My work calendar is open so anyone can see my availability - I don’t mind people booking things in my diary if I am free (please leave gaps for travel!)
  • I don't mind meeting over lunch.

The best ways to communicate with me

  • WhatsApp or Slack are good, in person is better.
  • I rarely hear my phone ring but check it frequently.
  • I keep on top of my emails and usually respond on the day or within a few days at the latest.
  • I'm totally cool with finding out about work tasks through Trello/Jira - I'll come chat if I need more info.

The ways I like to receive feedback

  • Face-to-face by preference but feedback is always appreciated in any form.
  • I love hearing feedback close to the event so that it's fresh.

Things I need

  • Air. Water. Tea (mostly decaff). Food. Conversation. Creativity. Plants are okay too.
  • Time: analysis work often isn't quick to do.
  • A clear vision to work to.

Things I struggle with

  • Office politics.
  • Meetings with no direction/goal.
  • Having to use multiple devices to get one job done.
  • Daddy longlegs(crane fly) and moths

Things I love

  • Equality and fairness.
  • Hearing all of the cool things that my colleagues are up to (in and out of work).
  • Recommendations of music, cafes/bars/restaurants, films, podcasts, shows, books and travel destinations (probably in that order!).
  • Socialising with colleagues.
  • Writing, especially interactive fiction and near-future sci-fi. Creativity in general, writing most of all.

Other things to know about me

  • I try to cycle to meetings, which thankfully means I'm often faster than public transport.
  • I'm pretty much me wherever you see me.
  • I love to travel but small/local and big/adventurous. I try to travel as efficiently as I can, and am trying hard to travel as sustainably as I can. I really love the sleeper train to London and happily use video conferencing when it's available.
  • I'm trying to move away from paper notes so don't be offended if I'm typing notes during a meeting... but I also sometimes have to work during some meetings which I know is rude but can't always be helped.
  • I try to keep fit but it tends to come in bursts followed by days of just a daily walk.
  • Despite being in a desk-job I'm always happy to do manual, pysical work in the fresh air... and not too phased by cold or wet weather (provided I'm well-attired!)
  • I'm bound by the Civil Service Code not to say certain things online and find it exceedingly tough - my absence from certain political discussions is not a sign of disinterest!