As an antidote to all of the things that I can't speak about, here are a couple of videos that showed up in my feed today that blew my mind.

The Tilt-Five
Looks to me like something straight out of a 90's sci-fi movie and even if I'm unlikely to own one any time soon it still feels like a cool thing that's more complete and more affordable than other similar things to date.

Boston Dynamic's Spot
I will never one one of these puppies (lol) but it's crazy to see how quickly the progression of the AI and mecahnics have gone from silly videos to coming to market. Military aside, I wholly appreciate the need for heavy lifting and remote sensing in a range of different industries - testing the market by asking (non-military) early adopters to see what they can do with them seems a bit weak but be it for search and rescue or just for racing I'm sure a fair few people have ideas.

Boston Dynamic's Atlas
However impressive I thought Spot was, this video of Atlas stunned me. I worked on some simple robotic AI programming at uni and the stuff that Atlas can do now makes me feel like I was working with kids toys. The grace in which mechanical and code elements are interacting here is very impressive!