English Pub Name Generificator Chrome Extension

I had this idea ages ago and wanted something to fill a weekend afternon so… this is just a dumb Chrome Extension to replace common English pub name text with something a little more generic/silly - code is from TreeHacks Hackpack @ TreeHacks 2019 Cloud-to-Butt Chrome Extension and lists of common English pub names, especially. The extension is ugly and will replace words all over the shop so sorry if you’re called George Bell, Victoria Fox or, indeed, Dragon Hammer! None of this is very serious so feel free not to install, comment or care - just something to spend time on during the pandemic lockdown!

Turning it in to a Chrome Extension

Get the code here: https://github.com/jonoellis/Pub-Name-Generificator and then you’ll need to download the files and pup them in to Chrome - instructions are here.


I used this Google Sheet to help me and the replacements for version 1 are as follows - they are silly and need some work:

Old New
Albert Dictator
Anchor Boat Paraphernalia
Angel Mythical Animal
Arms Bodypart
Arrows Death Paraphernalia
Artillery Death Paraphernalia
Bear Animal
Beehive Animal’s Home
Bell Shape
Black Shady
Blacksmith Serf
Blue Colourful
Boar Animal
Bricklayer Serf
Bridge Transpor Paraphernalia
Bucks Animal
Builder Serf
Bull Animal
Bulls Group of Animals
Butcher Serf
Carpenter Serf
Castle Building
Chequer Tree
Child Small Person
Coach Transport
Cock Animal
Compasses Boat Paraphernalia
Cricketers Hobbyist
Cross Shape
Crown Hat
Cups Drinking Paraphernalia
Dog Animal
Dragon Mythical Animal
Duck Animal
Duke Dictator
Eagle Animal
Eight Number
Elephant Animal
Eleven Number
Falcon Animal
Farm Strongly Smelling Place
Fisherman Serf
Five Number
Flag Decorative Cloth
Foundryman Serf
Four Number
Fox Animal
George Dictator
Globe Round Thing
Goat Animal
Golden Colourful
Greyhound Animal
Griffin Mythical Animal
Groom Serf
Gun Death Paraphernalia
Hammer Farm Paraphernalia
Hand Bodypart
Hare Animal
Hart Animal
Head Bodypart
Horse Animal
Hotel Hospitality Establishment
Hounds Group of Animals
House Building
Inn Hospitality Establishment
Keys Metal Lock Opener
King Dictator
Lamb Animal
Lion Animal
Mason Serf
Mechanic Serf
Moon Astronomical Body
Nag Animal
New Replacement
Nine Number
Oak Tree
Old Dated
One Number
Plough Farm Paraphernalia
Plumber Serf
Prince Dictator
Queen Dictator
Railway Transport
Red Colourful
Rest Hospitality Establishment
Rising Appearing
Rose Flower
Royal Dictator
Seven Number
Ship Transport
Silver Metal
Six Number
Stag Animal
Star Shape
Station Transport
Sun Hot Ball of Glowing Gases
Swan Animal
Talbot Animal
Tavern Hospitality Establishment
Ten Number
Thirteen Number
Three Number
Travellers Serfs
Tuns Drinking Paraphernalia
Twelve Number
Two Number
Unicorn Mythical Animal
Victoria Dictator
Village Small Place
Wagon Transport
Wales Somewhere Outside London
Waterman Serf
Wheatsheaf Farm Paraphernalia
White Colourless
Windmill Building
York Place That’s Not Here