As it's a bit of a tradition, here's my 2019 roundup. I'm not going to get all mushy this year - it's been a great year in spite of some pretty tough bits for most people - and I'm so humbled and thankful to family and friends for all of the good stuff that's made this year awesome. We've achieved a lot this year (and am thankful of that) - next year I'm looking forward to sharing my first kids book with the world, popping up a yurt up north, making some music and travelling to some brand new places, all in the company of the awesome Ruth and Martha!

Top Books

  1. Cory Doctorow - Radicalised
  2. History of the World in 100 Objects
  3. Neal Stephenson - The Diamond Age
  4. Neil Gaiman - Norse Mythology
  5. Matt Haig - Reasons To Stay Alive
  6. Peter Burnett - How To Do Privacy In The 21st Century
  7. Loki - Poverty Safari

Cory Doctorow continues to be a fantastic author, writing near-future sci-fi that questions the present in a way that tells wonderfully human-centred stories.

Top Films & TV

  1. Endgame & Captain Marvel
  2. Stranger Things (Season 3)
  3. Zombieland 2: Double Tap
  4. Anna by Luc Besson
  5. Atomic Blonde
  6. Russian Doll
  7. Glass
  8. Bandersnatch
  9. Unicorn Store
  10. Antarctica - A Year On The Ice

I've watched less low quality stuff this year so there's less chaff to choose from, but the Worst film of the year goes to Escape Plan 2 - honestly not sure why I watched it. Game of Thrones was pretty darn close to being that bad though!

Thanks to Kev for being my cinema buddy!

Top Places

Compared to last year it's been a year of more local travel... 2020 is already looking to have some interesting travel!

  1. Last Christmas/New Year break to Poland brought joy that carried through much of the year - thanks R,M,C&S!
  2. London social and for work - thanks D&B,D,E&M!
  3. Achnasheen in a vintage camper with no proper working gears!
  4. Camusdarrach - father-daughter camping! In the rain!
  5. Norfolk - combining family visit with lots of CentreParcs time!
  6. Durham and Elie with the two sides of the family
  7. Mhor 84 - love this place!
  8. Top Gigs

    I've been to fewer gigs this year than I think I've been to ever before. I missed out of a free ticket to the Pixies as I was poorly, and on two separate trips to London missed artists I'm dying to see (Jon Hopkins and Frank Turner, both performing less than 10 mins from my accommodation!) I shall do better next year!

    1. Underneath the Stars festival
    2. Does Massaoke count?
    3. Trinity Academy music concert and TPS Glee performance!
    4. Supper Club
    5. Jarvis Cocker

    Top Music

    1. Jon Hopkins - Singularity
    2. Clean Cut Kid - Felt & Painwave
    3. Jonnie Common - Trapped in Amber
    4. Ellen Allien (no particular album)
    5. Weezer - Weezer (Black Album)
    6. Todd Terje - It's Album Time
    7. Carla J Easton - Impossible Stuff
    8. Phamie Gow - Rackwick Bay (just this track - I love it!)
    9. CoCo and the Butterfields (no particular album)
    10. Hope & Social - All Our Dancing Days (seeing this live was the greatest music moment of the year - the glory of cancelled show lightning storm in-tent mud brass band leaving the stage and joining the crowd madness)
    11. Magic Sword - Volume 1

    2019 - I'm done with you.

    2020 - I'm looking forward to you... but please play nice!