I realise that almost every blog post starts with "I haven't done one of these for a while" sentiment... perhaps this year I've got good reason. Firstly I've passed my interactive fiction/choose-your-own-adventure on to an editor. I'd love to say that it's finished but I know that to be far from the truth. Perhaps it's simply in a state of "with someone else" so is not my responsibility for the moment. It's cool - a series of daring adventures set in a slightly off-kilter world filled with mythical, quirky (but totally normal) beings. It was fun to write (although it did take an age). I can't wait to get an edit back and then get it to some publishers.

Now that coronavirus COVID-19 has hit the world I've been turning my thoughts to other things. I've put together a little side project website (personal time, not work time, not offial guidance) which collects together some tips and things to do for surviving self-isolation and quarantine due to COVID-19.

For anyone that cares, the site was built because I wanted to help people (first and foremost), but also because I've been learning about some cool tools out there and wanted to experiment some more. This is built on a simple template and then uses Netlify to power the site. Netlify handles the form and also the scaling... I'm sharing it in part as I think it will be interesting to see how it handles traffic. I know it's not the world's greatest piece of coding or content design, but it's nice to keep a hand in! Drop me a line on Twitter to let me hear what you think of it.