Konami Code Tshirt

Konami tshirt design
I’m a bit fussy at shopping for tshirts and with no upcoming Frightened Rabbit gigs to give me a reason to order my Frightened Rabbit tshirt design I decided to complete another idea that I came up with a while ago and get my Konami code tshirt printed instead. It turned out cheaper than getting a cool tshirt from H&M or Topshop thanks to on-demand printing from Spreadshirt and I think that the result was pretty cool – what do you think?

Konami tshirt final

Konami tshirt on a model

Leith Map Tshirt Idea

I haven’t seen mappy area-name tshirts before so consider this the proof of concept! Final versions can come in Google, Bing or OpenStreetmap versions. To be fair it can also come in your choice of tshirt colour, font and border colour! Are you a proud Leither? Or, indeed, would you like one customised for a different location? Let me know – on-demand tshirt printing from StreetShirts puts a vest (like the one here) at £18 including P&P and a tshirt at £21. Any takers? (Jono’s don’t make tshirts… but if they did it may well look like this!)