Christmas Craftage – The Octonauts Soundboard

Martha's Octonauts Soundboard
With Martha being mildly obsessed with The Octonauts at the moment I thought I could use some of my web design skills to create her a basic iPad app to play around with. It’s pretty simple – push a button on the screen and it plays a sound effect from The Octonauts. It’s all very unofficial – the BBC definitely didn’t give me permission (hence not linking to it here! – but it’s just for Martha’s personal use so hopefully that’s ok! The sound was ripped using Audacity, the player itself is made using the HTML5 audio tag with a little JavaScript to simplify the interface. All in all it’s pretty basic but hopefully she enjoys playing with it. 🙂

Website Design – Borders Exploration Group

A few years ago I joined the committee for Borders Exploration Group and took on the role of webmaster. The old site did a good job but wasn’t ideally laid out – a lot of old information was left hanging around on the site and lots of current information was hard to find. The “new” site isn’t an example of my best work now but it is a good example of my best work from five years ago. The site would have benefited from a CMS (and would still – a project for the near future!) but the vast amount of old information and the difficult structure of the site meant everything needed to be rewritten from scratch and a CMS like WordPress wasn’t able to be used on the hosting of the time so the whole site was hand coded. The site benefits from the excellent imagery that various expeditions have taken over the years and hopefully the simple layout reflects this.

Website Design – 51773!


My own webstite has seen a few evolutions over the years – the current evolution is based on the Metro theme from the Windows 7 Phone… right down to the clock in the top right! It was a fun design to play around with, especicially to make big touchable buttons – hopefully it makes all of my main contact details easy to access!
Fun fact: 51773 is my surname “Ellis” spelled out in calculater writing.

What happens when you hover over 51773?

Website Design – Patricia Rueda Photography

I’m continuing my quest to document some of my web design work – next up is Patricia Rueda Photography! It’s always easy working with a photographer as they’ve already got the content to put on the website – my job was to make the site bi-lingual, easy to navigate and easy to add content to. For the content my sister-in-law Patricia can add her amazing photos directly to Flickr and then I can easily add new pages around the Flickr slideshows. The site is written in PHP to allow easy re-use of design, headers, menus and footers – it’s not quite a CMS but the site has grown considerably from the first design and it’s not been too hard to work with. Hopefully it shows off the photos well.

Website Design – Zigzagraphics

Earlier in the year I designed and built a website for my father-in-law for his art website. The project evolved slightly but I think that I achieved the brief for a simple design to highlight the black and white artwork. The site uses PayPal buttons and has an integrated shopping cart – it wasn’t the easiest thing to set up but it was much more personalised than alternatives like Etsy. Let me know what you think!