Four Ingredient Recipes: Sausage & Sauerkraut Homebrew Stew

Hi! This is Jono’s wife here. I usually blog at makey-cakey and generally make things that have more than 4 ingredients, however whilst I was cooking Sunday dinner I realised two things: firstly, it tasted awesome and secondly, it only had four ingredients. It seemed only fair that I should write a guest post about it.

This is super easy – a slow cook that allows all the flavours to develop and it was delicious paired with some fluffy mash.

Sausage & Sauerkraut Homebrew Stew (serves 4-5)

  • 1x 500ml bottle homebrew – in this case an IPA
  • 5x pre-boiled Bratwurst sausages (ones with a high meat content so they stay firm)
  • 2 medium onions
  • 250g sauerkraut

Halve the onions and slice thinly, and cut the sausages into thirds.

Brown the onions and sausages in a large casserole dish or deep frying pan over a low heat for about 10 minutes.

Add the sauerkraut and beer and continue to simmer gently, stirring occasionally, for about 3hrs.

Top up with a little water every now and then to stop it sticking and drying out.

Feel Germanic and enjoy!


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Four Ingredient Recipes: Four Ingredient Yoghurt


The lovely Cher of The Not So Exciting Adventures of a Dabbler was our July Daring Cooks’ hostess and she asked us to create homemade yogurt in our own kitchens! No incubators needed, no expensive equipment or ingredients, just a few items and we had delicious yogurt for a fraction of the cost and a whole lot healthier than what you buy in the stores!

  • 500 mls Full cream milk
  • Starter culture of yoghurt
  • 1 tbsp Granulated Sugar
  • Muesli

Heat the milk to 85 degrees C then cool back down to 45 degrees C, add yogurt, sugar and muesli, stir and put into something insulated overnight (to keep the temperature up). Then you can refrigerate and eat. Job done! This tasted pretty delicious and I’ll definitely make it again.

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Four Ingredient Recipes: Four Ingredient Haggis Pasta

My wonderful wife Ruth is this month’s host of the Tinned Tomatoes Pasta Please challenge – this month’s theme is Cheeseless Wonders since our house is a dairy-free environment. I went for something with a Scottish twest – haggis pasta. It tastes pretty good although it was a little bit dry – maybe some more tomatoes next time (or eating it when it’s fresh, not the next day for tea!).

  • Pasta (cook until ready)
  • Spinach – wilt in a frying pan
  • Haggis from a can – add to frying pan to heat up and break up
  • Tinned tomatoes

Mix the lot together and enjoy.

Thank you Ruth!

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Four Ingredient Recipes: Four Ingredient Sauerkraut Meatballs


The June Daring Cooks’ challenge sure kept us rolling – meatballs, that is! Shelley from C Mom Cook and Ruth from The Crafts of Mommyhood challenged us to try meatballs from around the world and to create our own meatball meal celebrating a culture or cuisine of our own choice.

I chose sauerkraut meatballs. Here’s the ingredients list:

  • Bacon (1 pack)
  • Sauerkraut (1 big jar)
  • Bread (2 slices)
  • Oats (1 handful)

Blend the above with dill, paprika and seasoning and form into little balls. Oven bake at about 150 degrees (fan) for about 25 minutes.

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Four Ingredient Recipes: Four Ingredient Squirrel & Pate En Croute

Our lovely Monkey Queen of Don’t Make Me Call My Flying Monkeys, was our May Daring Cooks’ hostess and she challenged us to dive into the world of en Croute! We were encouraged to make Beef Wellington, Stuffed Mushroom en Croute and to bring our kids into the challenge by encouraging them to create their own en Croute recipes!

“Mandatory Items: Wrap whatever suits your taste in some type of pastry and bake it.” – that sounded perfect to me… but how to make it interesting? Pate En Croute is a common recipe, as is Beef Wellington but as far as I could see no one had ever made Squirrel En Croute – four ingredients or more!

A quick shopping trip for a squirrel from Ridley’s Fish & Game at the Stockbridge Market and I was sorted. My ingredients were:

  • 1 squirrel
  • 1 pack of pate
  • 1 pack of puff pastry
  • 1 egg

I braised and then simmered the squirrel before taking the meat off the bone. I rolled the pastry, layered on the pate and the squirrel meat and then brushed egg around the pastry. It took ages to cook but that’s because my wife informed me that I shouldn’t have used a whole pack of pastry, who knew! The end result was very tasty – the squirrel meat was moister than I expected and it all tasted pretty awesome!


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Four Ingredient Recipes: Ballotine Of Chicken – Daring Cooks April 2013 Challenge – Make No Bones About It!

I’m normally game for a challenge but I have to say that this one made me feel a little queazy! For the April Daring Cooks Challenge, Lisa from Parsley, Sage and Sweet has challenged us to debone a whole chicken, using this video by Jacques Pepin as our guide; then stuff it, tie it and roast it, to create a Chicken Ballotine.

And I wanted to try all of that using only 4 ingredients!! Ingredient 1 – the chicken… leaving 3 ingredients for the stuffing.

The process in the video wasn’t too hard to follow (although I think I got the front and back a bit mixed up at one point!) but I have to say that it took me a while to get it right. The wing bones were fairly easy to sort out but I struggled a bit with the fillets – possibly because they were quite small, maybe because I am so strong I ripped them off too early!! Once I was done I seasoned with salt, pepper and a little paprika and chilli.

For the stuffing I used:

  • My wife’s dad’s bread
  • Mushrooms
  • Yellow pepper

I finely chopped the mushrooms and pepper and softened them in the microwave then breadcrumbed the bread (although my wife pointed out that I should have removed the crusts!). I mixed the stuffing together and layered out on top of the chicken. The wrapping and tying were easier than the deboning! Cooked and cooled it’s even able to be sliced for sandwiches! 🙂 A great challenge and thanks to my wife’s assistance with working out which part of a chicken was which – as well as awesome knowledge of chicken anatomy her ballotine was tastier than mine too!

Thank you for a great challenge – definitely would do this again.

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